Women combat infantry units

The picture of women combat infantry units and ranks combat units with way women volunteers The politicians who pretend to be concerned about the safety and welfare of women are now ALLOWING women, who are so inclined, to serve in combat.

The US Army I knew as a young man allowed only one thing. When you were told what you would do and if you didnt like it, you were allowed not to like it.

But serving in the... Read More

Store shelves hollywood

The picture of store shelves hollywood and actresses image building didnt with part american politics One of the important things I learned during my early years as a junior executive was what you do is important but your overall effectiveness is determined by how those you work with perceive you. At the time this was a big step forward for me because I had been trained that your accomplishments spoke for... Read More

Under the direction of Justin Huen, Their Eyes Saw Rain is a must see pLAywriting in the city

Their Eyes Saw Rain is an investment of the emotional kind, with characters that grab your attention the minute they appear on stage

, creating an atmosphere of dread and hope. Company of Angels, along with writer West Liang and director Justin Huen have staged a play that keeps the audience intrigued, trying to figure out what is happening with the inhabitants of the fictional town of Castle.

In West Liangs play

Their Eyes Saw Rain

; rain plays a dual role,... Read More

Centenary Bank,one of the 22 commercial banks in Uganda,will increase lending to agriculture sector

The picture of bank moves increase lending and months increase loans with finance minister syda bbumba Better days lie ahead for thousands of farmers who have struggled to get bank loans to boost their activities, as another bank moves to increase lending to the agricultural sector.

A senior official at Centenary Bank one of the 22 commercial banks in Uganda said the lender will in the next two months increase loans and... Read More

The Colorado Index Water

The picture of denver channel website and arkansas river court with payments expert witnesses kansas The latest volley in the great water war between Kansas and Colorado ended today, saving Colorado $9 million in legal fees. From Denver Channel 7’s website:

The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected claims from Kansas that Colorado should be forced to pay $9 million in legal fees from their century-long dispute over water... Read More

The Colorado Index Denver Post Editorial Misleads Readers About Civil Rights Initiative

The picture of ban government discrimination and rights initiative colorado with education admissions policies The Colorado Civil Rights Initiative seems very simple. All it does is ban government discrimination or preferential treatment based upon race and gender. Well, this amendment is too simple for the Denver Post, which used its house editorial today to mislead voters on the... Read More