Is There a Solopreneur Business Model

The picture of friends family peers vendors and business structure funding with business model accident When you set up your own business, a common question you get from friends, family, peers, vendors and clients is, Whats your business model?

Your business model has nothing to do with your legal business structure, funding or the product/service you provide.... Read More

Opportunity thousands people

The picture of opportunity thousands people and vehicle use market work with work home business Work from home business. The internet has provided an opportunity to thousands of people to build a business.The internet is a wonderful thing. I love being... Read More

Getting Down to Business

The picture of types businesses today and capitol costs investments with offline network marketing Being in Business (or thinking about being in business) means so much more than you realize. Not everyone is cut out for being in business. There are different types of businesses today and I am going to talk alittle about being in business for yourself. Network marketing and online business is the most fast growing type of... Read More

Home business plan

The picture of home business plan and step step action plans with spending time hunting Starting your first work from home business is very exciting. The excitement of watching your business grow, the independence, the ability to set your own hours, the number of days you work during the week, and the likelihood of life changing economic rewards are all amazing motivators... Read More

Lot time energy

The picture of lot time energy and injury property damage with evening ann romney Most young men spend a lot of time, energy and money attempting to impress members of the fairer sex. They think they understand why but they really dont. Like the critters in the forest, they are simply responding to natural instincts that have enabled human beings to survive on Earth for many thousands of years.

The competition between... Read More

Are you doing marketing or Marketing

The picture of individuals product managers marcomms and joshuas point product manager with product strategy users In it, Joshua describes how the role of Product Marketing Manager (PMM) is, essentially, moribund not because the work done by these people isnt required, but because these activities are rapidly being taken up by other individuals (Product Managers, MarComms etc), leaving PMMs with little left to do.

To be... Read More