Transcript Dan Munz 1 1 Interview

The picture of segment features dan munz and reading thewelcome message with erika wagner brian reich In this post, well hear the sixth of six one-on-one interviews that framed the days conversation. This segment features Dan Munz, one of the people involved in the launch of, the federal governments clearing house for innovation challenges and contests.

If youre just joining us, you can start from the... Read More

Coffee house lol cause

The picture of coffee house lol cause and american idol premiere wow with shower cigarette smoke smell. Was bored last night and by the time it hit about 7pm, I was just ready to do something. D (devin) called me last night and asked what I was upto… not much AT ALL!! So he came to pick me up and we hit the coffee house then went to his house to hang a... Read More

Pbs kids show

The picture of pbs kids show and kick caillous ass with teletubbies elmo woops Its been a year, folks. I think we can safely say, the experiment is over. And as hard as I fought to have the cable turned off, Ive had to fight hard to get it back on.

Its not that I really needed to watch some shows. Its that I cant stand the PBS kids show re_runs. As mentioned before, Id like to kick Caillous ass. Well, his enabling... Read More

Day glitter bombs

Magical Tool Belt that I always have with me wherever I go. It is, of course, invisible, but when you create one, just knowing it exists for you can help support you in so many ways! These in particular have helped me to build confidence and be more positive and happy overallcheckem out!

5 energy tools from my

Magical Tool Belt, and how you can use them:

The Glitter BombThis is essentially a blessing or well-wish of the razzle-dazzle variety that you can send to other... Read More