Handling fuel economy appearance

The picture of handling fuel economy appearance and offering car washes with democrats william ryan The things in life we think we understand best are often just the things we understand least. Politics for instance. On the surface it appears so simple. Democrats are for the little guy and Republicans are for the big guy. Since most of us are little guys, it stands to reason that Democrats would outnumber Republicans by a very... Read More

From lunacy to total breakdown Will Rhodes Portmanteau

The picture of Sarah Palin and Politics of the United States with United States Im angry mrs. Palin. I cant wait to get something to eat. Very smart move, now she really thinks we are stupid like she is. we re just going to vote for you and Mccain just because you think were are scared of terrorism think again miss lady. Some of us are stupid but not I. Just like Bush with John Kerry last time by telling lies about him. Keep... Read More

On Why It Kinda Sucks That Mark Levin is Co

The picture of language course everybody and executive privileges george bush with reason buraq obama Alright so the title pretty much sets it up. It kinda sucks that Mark Levin is co-opting our language. Of course everybody knows who Mark Levin is but perhaps is needs saying that the we in our is the small l... Read More

The importance of Joe Biden to millennials

The picture of vice president joe biden and president obama senator with irish catholic kid. Hours before The Late Show withSteven Colbert aired the hosts interview with Vice President Joe Biden, social media started buzzing. The New York Times wrote something about the upcoming interview, and parts were leaked. Pretty quickly, Bidens interview became must-see television.

I watched and, yes, I was moved. Not because I... Read More

2011 10 the Bitch in the house

The picture of bernie sanders barney and someone change hillarys mind with tea party majority hell A good and really smart friend posted this the other day. I want Bernie Sanders or Barney Frank or Michael Moore for president. Or for someone to change Hillarys mind and have her contest Mr. Obama for the party nomination next year. Anyone else on the left with a hefty set of stones. But he is not the only one saying such things,... Read More

Dollars people today

Nations come and go, rise and fall as elites and also the wealthy make victims of most citizens and plutocracies prevail. Current dogma is that we live inside of the greatest nation on Environment. Perhaps in terms of ideals there offers some truth for that. But with another trillion dollars people today now must borrow at higher costs because for the meltdown among the financial sector, solidifying our position although greatest debtor nation, Americans have little to be proud of. Our... Read More